02 septiembre, 2008

Another Little Quilt Swap 2

Advancing with the small quilt
I hope that my partner likes it .
I think it is in their range of colors
 and also likes applications.
I've done the best I could.

Espero que a mi compañera del Swap le guste lo que he hecho .
Por lo menos está en su rango de colores y le agradan las aplicaciones .

4 comentarios:

María Elena dijo...

Guau... o wow (más elegante). Te pasaste, te felicito!

Rose Marie dijo...

..... and you have done very well! Love the star in the center. It is a different design and I have never seen that one before.

katelnorth dijo...

I think it's very pretty -I shall look forward to seeing it finished!

black bear cabin dijo...

its beautiful!

Gracias por acompañar mi camino