28 febrero, 2008

Dear Baby Jane .

Dear Baby Jane

tengo el libro desde hace rato , pero me faltaba un incentivo y lo encontré ....

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Anina dijo...

Hi! I added you to the Dear Baby Jane blog's sidebar. I don't have an email address for you, so if you have a Flickr account where you'd like to share photos of your progress, let me know.


Lea dijo...

Hi, or Shall I say Hola, Vero! :-)
Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Your quilts are so beautiful. I wish I could read Spanish....

Yes, I love Jan Patek and I made so many quilts from her patterns.
If you visit my other blog, You will see my quilts. Actually, This is my main blog and I write in English and Japanese.
and You are always welcome to leave a comment on my blog. :-)
Lea in Japan

María Elena dijo...

Vero, deseo ver tus bloques pronto, puede ser que también me atreva. Saludos.

Yolypatch dijo...

Excelente!!!!! a ver si me reanimas a mi despues, jajajaja
Un beso grande

Gracias por acompañar mi camino